About ASG

Our purpose is to represent you in the sale of your mid- or large-size Colorado business to get you the best possible transaction. Toward this end, we use a unique, proprietary process to deliver these specific client benefits.

Principal Broker is an Experienced Entrepreneur

Scott Evans is a business owner like you. He started his first business in high school. In college, where he received his BS in electrical engineering, he started a niche manufacturing company building a peripheral for the Apple II computer.  Later after some corporate experience, he founded a very successful technology marketing consulting practice, with over 300 clients including such names as Compaq and HP. Scott has an MBA from Colorado State. He has been licensed for business brokerage in the state of Colorado for 19 years.

ASG Business Brokers

Our Strategy

You Get Personal Attention from the Principal Broker

We strictly limit our current representations to 1 or 2 clients.
Unlike most brokers, we don’t load up on listings or take on marginal projects.  Your work won’t be handed off to a junior associate.

Agency Representation

ASG will represent you on an “agency” broker basis, not as a “middle-man” transaction broker. Since we are under the jurisdiction of the Colorado Department of Real Estate, we are allowed one of two ways of working with clients: Agents and Transaction Brokers. Agency has a specific legal meaning of serving your interests, i.e. “taking your side” in the transaction. Although the burdens on us are greater in this approach, we do it because it serves your interests better.

Transparency and Confidentiality

We are committed to transparency and honesty. This means giving you visibility to the process and allowing you to make decisions. Since we are a smaller, boutique brokerage we are able to tightly control confidentiality.

Elite Packaging and Presentation

Your business will receive elite-level of quality packaging and presentation.  Typically, the “book” we create for your business runs 20 pages. We have never seen any other broker in Colorado come anywhere near this level as it is very time consuming. But it is worth it because it provides you with a faster and better transaction, an easier due diligence process, and avoidance of misunderstandings down the road. In addition, the elite buyers composed of private equity groups or corporate buyers will know that you have serious representation and then will act accordingly.

We Come to You: Giving you Convenience and Saving You Time

Our approach now is to meet with you where it is convenient for you. This is particularly beneficial to our clients in more distant locations, such as Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, and Northern Colorado.