Denver Business Broker FAQ
Denver Business Broker FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Background of the Managing Denver Business Broker?
The managing broker has an extensive business background and sits on the boards of a
number of firms. His business career has included consulting assignments with manufacturing,
distribution, and service firms both nationally and internationally; majority ownership of a software
company; and electronics manufacturing. He holds an MBA from Colorado State University and a
BS in engineering from the University of Iowa.

Q. Why do so many buyers seek out ASG ?
A. ASG is a known Denver business broker. Many accountants, consultants, institutional buyers
and others are constantly informing us of the types of businesses they seek, either for
themselves or for their clients. They come to ASG because they know the quality of our Colorado
business broker work and the fact that we are selective in our representations. They know that
they will not be wasting their time. At any given point in time, we have active, updated, and current
buyer databases.

Q. How does ASG locate buyers?
A. ASG begins the location process by thoroughly understanding a particular business and its
specific industry. Next, ASG intellectually determines the categories of buyers who have the
highest statistical probability of paying the greatest possible consideration for a particular
business. Once these determinations are made, the search is on through the use of our
proprietary databases, specific industry associations and databases, regional-national and
international databases, governmental sources, SEC filings, common sense, reason and logic.

Q. What does ASG do once buyer categories are identified?
A. As buyer profiles are determined, the process moves next to the confidential contact phase,
and is followed by the signing of confidentiality agreements. Next come buyer qualifications,
negotiations, and ultimately letters of intent. ASG then solves financing problems, identifies legal
and tax issues, negotiates transition and employment agreements, and influences tax
structuring. Finally, there are the closing documents and the actual closing accompanied by
champagne and smiles all around.

Q. Why do so many sellers seek out ASG?
A. We have an established 20+ year track record of performance. Our success rate in the
completion of transactions, as a percentage of all representations undertaken, if just under 90%.
We carefully screen prospective clients, concentrate our resources on a relatively small number
of representations, and provide a high level of professional services.

Q. What is the mandate from ASG Denver business broker clients?
A. That ASG confidentially locate qualified and interested buyers with the objective of negotiating
and closing transactions that maximize the value of the transaction. Above all, ASG seeks to
protect other assets and all other aspects of value involved in the client's business.

Q. On what basis does ASG select clients?
A. Perhaps the most important aspect is the personal chemistry of the proposed relationship.
Next in line is the mutual agreement upon a realistic range of value for a particular business
based upon our valuation process. The remainder of the issues include agreement upon
timelines, working relationships, fee structure and structuring issues related to taxes, risk and

Q. What are ASG's fees?
A. ASG's fees vary. They are based on the particular assignment, size of the business, and are
best reviewed when discussing a particular individual prospective representation. In general, we
believe that our professional representation not only increases the marketability of a business,
but also results in transactions at prices that are significantly higher, and upon terms that are
significantly stronger, than if we had not been involved in the process.

Q. Does ASG charge "front-end fees?"
A. No! Many of our competitors are in the "front-end fee" business. They charge, what we consider
to be, excessive fees for valuations and "market research projects." Most of these fees, some as
high as $35,000, are largely a waste of money!

Q. What services are provided by ASG?
A. Seller representation, valuation services, and consulting services. In addition, we own and
operate a commercial real estate firm catering to the real estate needs that ultimately emanate
from business transactions. We also provide management consulting services in conjunction
with our occasional involvement in taking equity positions in companies that have significant
needs for management.
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